Gin Rickey Recipe

From a very old edition of Life MagazineIngredients

1 1/2 ounces Gin
1/2 fresh lime
handful of ice
carbonated water or club soda


Add ice to a highball glass.  Squeeze in lime juice and drop in half of lime. (Be sure to wash the lime! Organic are preferred since they won’t have wax or chemicals on them.) Add gin and top off with lime juice.


In the gossip pages of the New York Times in 1902, the hardship of a New York vacationer in Maine was illustrated.  Limes, exotic limes, “He Wanted Limes” was the title of the following:

A Recent visitor to Maine tells of an amusing experience in the “Prohibition State.“  Anticipating the difficulty of getting things to drink there he took with him an ample supply of “makings” for gin rickeys, all except the limes, which he supposed he could procure anywhere.

The day after arriving at his destination, a small town near the Rangeley Lakes, he went to the only store and asked the clerk if he kept any limes.  The clerk thought a moment and replied tentatively:

“We’ve got chloride of lime and quicklime, if those’ll do you.”


Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  I wonder what this poor visitor did with his gin.