Bitters & Gin

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.  A tumbler of gin helps the medicine go down, used to be more like it.  For centuries, bitters was thought to have a medicinal value. And many people drink bitters after dinner as a digestiv — to aid digestion. But for hundreds of years  gin […]

Gin Martini

A gin martini is not only  the classic martini, it is the original martini.  The martini of martinis. And it saddens us to know that most people prefer vodka martinis, instead.  In the world of gin vs. vodka, vodka sadly seems to have won. But I hope you have come here to learn how to […]

Douglas Fir Sparkletini

This cocktail was originally created by Seattle chef Kathy Casey, but it uses a technique that goes back over hundreds of years! She uses Douglas Fir infused gin, but any pine or fir will do, depending on what is available in your area.  If you infused your gin,  Just be sure to use an organic […]