Sloe Gin Recipe

Ruby Red sloe gin adds a dash of color and a sweet tart flavor to cocktails. Sloe gin gains its color from the tart sloe berry. Originally a cordial, sloe gin became a popular ingredient in cocktails in the US from at least the 1800s.

Here you’ll learn about sloe gin, a sloe gin recipe, and lots of ways to use sloe gin in classic cocktails! The Sloe Gin Fizz is the most well known, but it isn’t the only way to enjoy this wonderful drink!

Wibble Cocktail

This sloe gin drink isn’t a classic at all.  It was popular in London in the 1990s, and if you love cocktails with a complex bitter taste, and sour notes,  you’ll love this. 1 ounce gin 1 ounce Plymouth Sloe Gin ½ ounce crème de cassis 1 ounce fresh grapefruit juice ½ ounce fresh squeezed […]

Blackthorn Sour

An unusual Blackthorne, or Sloe Gin drink.  Not many people have Chartreuse on hand, but it will certainly add an herbacious, piney note to your drink. The lemon or lime give it a nice sour edge. An unusual combination of ingredients, but quite delicious.  Here’s the recipe. Blackthorn Sour Recipe Fill Large Bar glas 2/3 […]

Blackthorne Cocktail

Sloe Gin is used in many cocktail recipes. Here’s another classic. The Backthorne is another name for the sloe berry, the fruit which gives its name to sloe gin. Although the sloe is technically related to plums, it is known historically as a berry, because of its small size. In a tall glass, add: Fill […]

Greater New York Cocktail

While the Sloe Gin Fizz made Sloe Gin in the US famous, it isn’t the only way to imbibe this ruby red drink.  There are many recipes for sloe gin, here’s a classic one. 1 ounce of Plymouth Gin 1 ounce of Sloe Gin a dash or two of orange bitters Shake sloe gin and […]

Sloe Gin & Sloe Gin Fizz

The Sloe Gin Fizz is most certainly the greatest prodigy of Sloe Gin, that pinkish red concoction made of Sloe Berries. The sloe berry, sadly, is not grown in the US, and thus, authentic Sloe Gin is imported from its homeland in the  U.K. But don’t let this lack of native Sloe Gin stop you […]