Gin Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

From a very old edition of Life Magazine

There is a little secret about gin drinks and gin cocktails: they’re simple to mix and elegant! This website is the ultimate guide to the best gin cocktails, from the  simple gin and juice, the classic gin rickey to the refreshing gin gimlet. It is time to sling some gin!

Gin is a drink for those who love flavor. It is made from a wide variety of herbs  and botanicals and its taste ranges from bitter to sweet. Hendrick’s Gin is flowery, perfect for a summer day and can be enjoyed with just a splash of tonic or soda water. Bombay Saphire gin, a true classic, offers more botanical notes, and is popular in a classic Martini.  Tanqueray gin is also a standard, with nice strong juniper notes, and can be used in any classic cocktail recipe. Beefeater, a London Dry Gin, is perhaps the classic gin.  It has wonderful notes of citrus, which makes  it refreshing, and perfect for drinks like the Negroni.

I hope you enjoy this collection of fantastic gin cocktail recipes!


Latest Cocktail Recipes & Gin Blog Posts

Red Snapper

This gin cocktail is a classic eye opener.  Rather than a Bloody Mary, which uses vodka, this sister of the bloody mary uses Gin.

2 oz Gin
Dash of Lemon juice (or lime)
dash of Worcestershire sauce
2 or 3 drops Tabasco or your favorite hot sauce

Over ice in a tall glass add tomato juice, Wortershire, lemon juice, then Gin.
Fill with Tomato juice & Stir, Garnish with Celery stick & Lime wedge. If you’re feeling like making your cocktail a bit more substantial, garnish with a shrimp!!